• Our aim is to develop such type of national educational system whichCan create such young generation devoted to National goals
  • The generation should be filled with the emotion of humanity andPatriotism and must be fully develop with the view of physical, mental’Intellectual and spiritual abilities.
  • The generation can face the present challenges of human lifeBoldly and successfully. This generation can also help the under dogs Who live in hillsides and slums.
  • This generation can also remove social evils and exploitation’Prevailed in human society.
  • This generaton can also join all to the National and Cultural Stream and make all happier and more prosperous.
  • To emphasise upon Child Centred Education.
  • To follow a holistic approach for the development of students.
  • To create a safe, caring and happy environment for their learning.
  • To encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To have high expectations of behaviour, achievement and creativity.
  • To equip and enable our students to become valued members of the wider community and confidently throughout their lives.
  • To develop in our children an awareness of immediate local and global environment.
  • To inculcate a tolerance and understanding of other cultures and religions.
  • To develop and create a strong, child friendly learning environment where staff, children, parents and the local community can learn together in partnership with one another.
  • To develop in our pupils the sense of co-operation, self-motivation and independence in their all efforts of learning.