SSVMIC Knowledge has no ‘expiry date’ but it is an ongoing process, which needs constant tuning with the ever changing requirements of the global market. As wisely said, ‘He, who knows all, knows nothing’, implies that learning never stops. The object of SSVMIC is to generate lifelong learners pioneering innovate path-ways through successful learning in a global context, ‘ A perfect blend of skill & knowledge. “ We promote new and expensive patterns of thinking, and healthy and barrier-free learning environment. SSVMIC’s core value is to create innovate path-ways to fulfil the college vision and mission. We believe that Knowledge has no copyright. Each student has the freedom of expression. At SSVMIC, students are encouraged to give suggestions for improving the learning environment and teaching style. Our faculty will continuously motivate students to ‘Think out of the Box. ‘THANKING AHEAD’ keeping in mind the fast growing and dynamic market we aim at generating a global workforce that will Act Locally, ‘Think globally’.

SSVMIC APPROACH TOWARDS EDUCATION Learning is transformative, personal and tailor mode to the needs and goals of our students. Learning is integrated and interconnected, therefore our programs are interdisciplinary and offer technological fluency and global understanding. Lecture’s session will be unorthodox in nature & will emphasize on intensive interactions that will not just be restricted to Faculty and students but will also extend to student-student.

  • high academic standards designed to ensure holistic development of the students with global outlook and personality development with human values;
  • sincere efforts to ensure a congenial and invigorating work culture, synthesis of practical knowledge and experience through various activities and;
  • creating an environment, which nurtures and nourishes motivates and inspires original study in various branches and also development of technical and entrepreneurial skills.